Is Your Car Ready for the New Year? What is a 6-Point Inspection?

December 12th, 2018 by

January, typically, is a cold and brisk month. Every car owner will want their vehicle in exceptional working order. There is nothing worse than experiencing car issues on a frigid morning. Your vehicle can be in good working order all year long with regular maintenance in place. The six-point vehicle check will prevent many unnecessary problems. Is your car ready for the New Year?

The Six Point Vehicle Check: The Overview

The six-point vehicle check will do wonders for any vehicle. This check is going to offer any car better performance. The owner will have fewer costly repairs in the New Year. This check includes the following:

  • oil check
  • tire check
  • antifreeze check
  • brake check
  • tire check
  • wiper blades

The six-point vehicle check is a complete inspection of the six key systems. Emergencies can be avoided when a vehicle is maintained and in good working order. Give yourself, or someone else confidence in the upcoming year with a six-point vehicle check. A safe vehicle will be smooth running vehicle all through the year.

The Car Care Council: Recommendation

It ought to be known; the car care council has clear recommendations surrounding the six-point inspection. The inspection ought to be completed before the start of the New Year. Include the following recommendations:

  • Keep batteries tight, clean and corrosion free. It will raise the performance level and provide a quicker and regular start
  • Flushing and refilling the antifreeze ought to be done on a regular basis. This will prolong the lifespan and prevent damage
  • tires; the proper depth and pressure is crucial for safe winter driving
  • brakes; check and repair the brake system on a regular basis because it is critical for safety, especially on snowy or icy roads
  • wiper blades; torn, cracked and brittle blades need to be replaced because they will affect visibility if left unattended
  • Oil change; change the oil on a regular basis because it will flow easily between the parts, especially in cold weather. Vehicles start quicker and better when oil is maintained at the recommended intervals

A Holiday Gift Idea

The six-point inspection will make a nice holiday gift. Everyone can enjoy smooth and safer driving when their vehicle is all ready for the New Year. Check on the six-point inspection certificates and give a gift that will start the upcoming year out right. Head to the Don Beyer Mazda Service center for all your car service needs and to start the New Year out right with a 6-point inspection!  


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